me cause football right around the corner 

Wow. Tumblr is supposed to be a sanctuary, a safe haven, even, for alternative lifestyles. Not for high school jocks interested in the most common thing ever. Seriously, football is exactly the kind of thing someone joins tumblr to escape from. Stop watching football and go join a fandom, or delete your account.

Signed, a proud football-hating SuperWhoLockianStuckSwimmingOnTitanPotter fan.


we takin’ over 

Way to be inclusive, fuckpants. “Tumblr is supposed to be a place for different kinds of people…except for the ones I don’t personally like.” Don’t like football or sports in general? That’s well within your rights, but don’t be a dickass to people just because they like something you don’t.

Taylor Swift discusses dancing at award shows on

"Late Night with Seth Meyers"

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Oh, right. The 10K. The 10K for Disneyland, the 10K chosen especially to run around Disneyland, Disneyland’s 10K.

That 10K?

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being really into history is cooler than being into math or science… someone who likes math and science is called a “math nerd” or a “science geek” but someone who likes history is called a “history buff” because of their strong, sensual arms

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